About Us

Action Potential Tech Ltd was founded in 2013 in London. Our mission is to deliver the next generation pattern digitizing software to our clients in apparel, leather, upholstery, automotive and metal sheets industries worldwide.


Action Potential Tech Ltd was founded in London in 2013, with the mission of delivering the next generation of pattern digitising software to our clients in the apparel, leather, upholstery, marine, automotive and sheet metal industries worldwide.

iDigit has been a significant success since it was launched and it is currently being used by hundreds of users worldwide, which includes corporates, professional individuals and educational institutes.


Intelligent Pattern Digitising Software

Our main product is the iDigit Pattern Digitising Software System. It utilises cutting edge image processing algorithms to make pattern digitising fast, accurate and easy. The patterns it scans can be exported in Dxf format to nearly any major CAD/CAM program, including Gerber, StyleCAD, Optitex, Gemini, Assyst, Lectra and many more.

Now, a process which once took several minutes only takes a few seconds, getting you one step closer to production. Better still, iDigit uses a magnetic canvas fixed on the wall rather than a large table, taking up a lot less space in the design room. This also prevents damage to the original patterns as it doesn’t require the use of adhesive tape.




Action potential operates worldwide via a network of resellers. We select our resellers carefully, ensuring that users get not only an excellent product, but also excellent service.

We continuously use the feedback we get from both our users and our resellers to keep the level of quality we deliver at its highest. We take pride at what we do, and look forward to delivering our next solutions, saving time, effort and material throughout the design process.

Whether you are a reseller or a user and whether past, present or potential, we look forward to hearing from you. Please use our contact page to get in touch.