iDigit: The Most Versatile Digitising System

Here are just some of the services iDigit provides:

iDigit creates value in ways you might not expect. iDigit is a pattern digitiser software that has been carefully designed to solve multiple needs in the design workspace.

Digitising Patterns Fast and Accurately

(with just 1 hour of training!)



iDigit Pattern Digitising Software utilises cutting-edge image processing algorithms, making it the most accurate and easy program to use with pattern making software.


iDigit is a precise and consistent pattern digitiser which requires no scaling, adjustment or even calibration. The entire process takes only a few seconds. iDigit uses magnets rather than the adhesive tape so your physical pattern can be mounted, moved or removed quickly and without wear or damage.


iDigit’s affordable digitising allows professional quality digitisation and processing at a fraction of the cost of traditional pattern digitiser systems whilst requiring almost no training or maintenance budget.


iDigit is a photo digitiser that allows for superior measurement precision and the capture of details like notches, internal lines and grain lines. iDigit automatically includes these internal details into your design, saving you even more time than any other digitiser software.


iDigit can tether a camera for automatic shooting with the press of a single button, and can even automatically extract the last picture taken and process it. iDigit XL offers a larger digitising area which allows you to digitise larger patterns than in any other photo digitiser system.


Automatic DXF Digitiser
Exports Any Files to CAD/CAM



With iDigit intelligent digitising software, producing DXF patterns has never been simpler.  Start saving money and bring your digitising in-house with iDigit.


Patterns scanned with iDigit can be exported in DXF format to nearly any major CAD/CAM program, including Gerber software, Assyst, Lectra, Optitex, Gemini, StyleCAD, Polypattern, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, SolidWorks, Corel Draw, PAD system and many more.


iDigit is the best digitising software to produce DXF patterns for CAD fashion design,  upholstery, car interiors, composite or metal sheets, leather goods and medical applications: any application where digitising services are required.

Uniquely Optimised for Large Scale Pattern Digitizing



Working with such a wide range of industries (apparel, leather, upholstery, marine, automotive, sheet metal, to name a few,) we have designed a photo digitiser that is extremely flexible and can adapt to your needs. Our digitiser software can accommodate a hard pattern several metres across and works with paper cardboard, plastic, plywood and almost any material – in nearly any colour.


iDigit XL comes with a custom size board that is specially designed for digitising patterns that are too large or thick to attach by magnets. Patterns are simply laid on a flat surface and digitised. The camera is fixed on a wall or ceiling using an adjustable camera arm which is also provided.


Using partial digitisation technology, there is no limit to the size of hard pattern that iDigit can accommodate.


Whether you work with large scale items regularly, or would just like the opportunity to experiment, iDigit offers affordable digitising with extreme flexibility.

iDigit XL final

Remove The Risk Of Pattern Damage And Loss
(And Save Space)



Keeping on top of pattern archiving can be a difficult task, especially for small businesses. However, in saving you space and reducing the risk of damage and loss, it should be an essential part of your business’ practice.  Archiving patterns with iDigit affordable digitising software not only reduces the risk of damage, but makes it easier to locate and reuse them later. iDigit streamlines your whole working environment, without the need of a digitiser service.


iDigit enables more fragile physical patterns to be utilised without the risk of them being damaged as it doesn’t require the use of adhesive tape. Simply place the pattern against our unique magnetic canvas to secure them in place- without any worry over lasting sticky residue.


iDigit lite is perfect for large collections, or crowded work environments  as it uses zero floor space. Simply hang the photo digitiser canvas from a clear wall and you can start- with no need for calibration. We have worked to produce the best digitising software in the most compact package to leave you more space for what matters to you most.

Plotting Patterns Made Easy



The costs of outsourcing plotting can really stack against your business.


iDigit allows you to export in HPGL format direct to the plotter, making it easy to do your own plotting and save yourself the cost of outsourcing. Notches, drill holes and internal lines are made part of your digital pattern automatically.


iDigit can make scanning and plotting more efficient in nearly industry, including apparel, upholstery, car interiors, composite or metal sheets, leather goods and medical applications.

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