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We have reinvented traditional pattern digitising and brought you iDigit pattern digitising software, a photo digitiser that can answer the pattern or template digitising needs of any industry and size. iDigit is highly versatile in terms of photo digitising size, with two options for physical set up to reflect this: iDigit XL and iDigit Lite.


iDigit uses cutting edge artificial intelligence algorithms such as neural networks to recognise the type of industry and patterns being digitised in order to provide the optimal pattern digitising results without having to manually tweak exhaustive number of parameters which are typically present in other digitisers.

Compare the two below to see which product is best for your applications:

iDigit XL

iDigit Lite

iDigit XL is a pattern digitiser uniquely optimised for large scale hard patterns.


We have reinvented the traditional table digitiser with a separate camera and board for extra large patterns – giving you a large digitiser that can still be easily stored – with no need for calibration.


iDigit XL comes with a customised board up to 3×1.5m in size, which can’t be achieved by an ordinary digitising table.

iDigit Lite is a pattern digitiser that fits seamlessly into your working environment.


The compact pattern digitising board can hang on any wall. Using zero floorspace, iDigit Lite enables you to make digitising patterns part of your everyday work routine.


iDigit Lite is incredibly compact at only 150x120cm and 90×60 cm

IDEAL FOR: Vehicle Graphics & Wraps, Yacht Interiors, Sails, Boat Decking, Composites and any industry with large format digitising requirements
IDEAL FOR: Apparel & Fashion, Footwear, Car Interiors, Car Seats, Car Mats, Aircraft Seats, Furniture, Metal Sheets, Composites
pattern digitising board

iDigit Boards:The Evolution of the Digitising Table

The Evolution of the Digitising Table

iDigit XL offers pro digitising for oversized hard patterns. Make any flat surface into a digitising table, simply lay down the iDigit XL board and begin digitising patterns with the included DSLR camera.


iDigit XL boards can be made with either a magnetic steel or a lighter non-magnetic aluminium surface, depending on your digitising table needs. Both are printed with our signature design which enables our software to perform automatic calibration.


iDigit XL pattern digitiser boards can be custom made in any size up to 3 m x 1.5 m. They are always just 3 mm thick.


The iDigit XL steel board weighs 8 kg per square meter. The iDigit XL aluminium board weighs 4 kg per square meter.


Both of our large digitiser can be produced with either a black or white surface and can digitise patterns of any colour; even transparent, self-adhesive material such as PVC.


Scan patterns like a digitising pro – no matter their size!

No need for a large, bulky, digitising table: iDigit Lite’s board can be fixed on any wall, using zero floor space! Attach your hard pattern with our included magnets and begin digitising patterns with the provided point and shoot camera, which can be operated by hand or from a tripod, remotely.


The iDigit Lite board is magnetic, made of a solid panel with a smooth, soft surface printed with our signature design which enables our software to perform automatic calibration that outperforms any other pattern digitiser.


The iDigit Lite board comes in two sizes: 150 x 120 cm and 90 x 60 cm, and is 3mm or 1 cm thick, depending on your application.


The 150 x 120 cm iDigit Lite weighs 17 kg and the 90 x 60 cm iDigit Lite weighs just 4 kg – a truly compact pattern digitiser!


iDigit Lite is available in white or black, depending on your application. In white, the iDigit Lite board is just 3 mm thick.


Pro digitising, maximal floorspace!

idigit lite camera

Our Pro Digitising Cameras

iDigit XL comes with a DSLR camera that can be controlled via the software. The camera has constant power supply and high resolution, making digitising patterns faster and simpler than ever.


The DSLR camera extends from a wall or ceiling, using the provided adjustable camera arm to scan patterns. Once fixed to the wall, the arm can be extended and rotated easily.


Subject to verification of compatibility, your own camera can also be integrated with iDigit XL pattern digitiser.

iDigit Lite includes a point and shoot compact digital camera with easy to use, intuitive design for pro digitising. 20.1-megapixel image sensor and an 8 x optical zoom lens guarantees high-resolution images.


The camera can be either placed on a tripod, attached via extendable arm to the board, or held by hand when digitising patterns, giving you ultimate flexibility.



Subject to verification of compatibility, your own camera can also be integrated with iDigit Lite pattern digitiser.

iDigit Eliminates Pattern Digitiser Calibration

iDigit XL and iDigit Lite require no calibration.


Calibration is a difficult and tedious process. With other pattern digitisers, if either the table or the camera moves from its original location the whole pattern digitising system will have to be re-calibrated before they can be used. Unlike other photo digitisers, iDigit is not prone to error even after being moved repeatedly, allowing you even greater flexibility in your workspace. iDigit Xl and iDigit Lite can be tidied away entirely when not in use.


iDigit pattern digitizing software is included with both products, providing a complete digitising system. Our system is fully compatible with all major CAD/CAM software and machinery including those ofGerber, Lectra, Optitex, StyleCAD, Polypattern, Vetigraph, Assyst, Investronica, PAD System, AutoCAD, Rhino, Corel Draw, Illustrator and many more. If you are looking for a CNC digitiser or CAD digitiser iDigit is the answer. iDigit pattern digitizing software can also export straight to your plotter and cutter, allowing you to scan and cut pattern pieces in a matter of minutes.


We could say a lot about our product, so could others. However at the end of the day it is the performance and results that say the final word. Seeing is believing. Why settle for less?