Thanner GmbH

Thanner GmbH: An iDigit Case Study

Profile: Thanner GmbH was established by the Thanner family in 1927 in Bavaria, Germany. Having grown their bespoke footwear business ever since, today Thanner GmbH employs 270 people in premises established on 7,600 m². For the past 20 years they have been manufacturing custom-made shoes for medical and orthopaedic use which makes a difference for patients. Their high standard of quality and design is achieved by combining a workforce equipped with top notch design and crafting skills and cutting-edge machinery and CAD/CAM software.

Need for speed: Each and every pair of footwear made at Thanner is custom-made which means there isn’t a set of patterns that can be used for mass production. Instead, every model requires digitising unique set of patterns each time. Considering each design consists of several dozens of patterns the number of patterns needed to be digitised daily is vast. Digitising thousands of patterns daily is simply not feasible as it would take a large number of dedicated personnel digitising manually. Here’s where iDigit comes to aid, providing unprecedented speed with digitising. With one station of iDigit one user can digitise around 2,000 patterns daily.


Use of iDigit: Currently there are two iDigit Lite systems being used at Thanner for pattern digitising, with our standard 150×120 cm magnetic board. Although iDigit Lite’s board is typically fixed on a wall, using their ingenuity they built their own stands to hold the digitising boards next to iDigit’s pattern digitising software. The digitised patterns are mainly brown and green card templates with details such as notches, internal lines and cut-outs.